Monday, August 26, 2013

How to get wet in only 3 inches of water and BIG changes at our house this week

Have you ever wondered how to get completely soaked in only three inches of water? The other day the middle children were playing in the neighbors pool. Lydia really wanted to play, but I didn't want to take her over there. We got out our little pool and she had so much fun in her three inches of water.  She came in completely soaked. Here is how you can get soaked in three inches of water and have a great time doing it.
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I don't know why the video in the middle doesn't work. It was really cute of Lydia jumping rope and singing while jumping on the trampoline. I've tried to upload it a couple of times with no luck.  Sorry about that.

We had some big changes at our house this week.  On Monday we had a loss of wisdom. Bethany lost all 4 wisdom teeth. She is our first child to have this done. She did really well.  She even felt like doing a little shopping in the big city afterwards.  We took Julia and Emma with us to Billings to do some clothes shopping.  We had fun and they all found some good buys.  Neil made jello while we were gone so Bethany would have something cool and soft to eat.  Someone was caught redhanded in the jello. I'm pretty sure it was Joshua.

Another big change involved moving bedrooms.  Matthew has been living in his yert for awhile now. On Thursday we moved Bethany into the dorms here at Northwest.  On Saturday Matthew moved into Bethany's room.  It doesn't take long around here for your bedroom to get claimed.
Ready to begin this college adventure

Bethany's new domain

Matthew's new room

We also did a few home improvement projects, here are a few pictures.  I really like this idea for storing wrapping paper. It was really easy to do.  We took the carpet out of the boys room and put these foam tiles down. They like the checkerboard pattern.  We also put hooks in both halls for bath towels. I hope this will help with all the laundry around here.  Oh, and we bought a new top load high effiency washer on Thursday. My other washer was randomly ripping clothes. I had had enough and so we bought  a new one. I can fit so much in the tub!! It is so nice.
Storing wrapping paper behind the door
Each child has their own hook for their towel

New flooring in the boys room

We had the missionaries over for dinner on Saturday. Lydia got excited when we told her they were coming. She said, "Hooray! Grandma and Grandpa are coming today."  It was so cute. I was happy that she remembered Grandma and Grandpa are missionaries. She prays for them everyday!! We love you and are glad you are serving the Lord in Scotland.

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