Thursday, August 1, 2013

Picture update

Neil is staying at the hospital tonight with Joshua.  I don't know if I dare say sleeping at the hospital because Joshua slept lots today. Neil and Joshua may be up playing tonight.  Joshua had lots of tubes and IV's pulled today. He even got one chest tube pulled. It is definitely a step in the right direction.  Rebecca came by to visit this afternoon. It was good to see her. Joshua had an IV pulled while she was there so he was a little fussy.  She read him the Villian books. Hopefully it was good for both of them. There was talk of moving out of ICU tonight, but Joshua wasn't feeling quite good enough to get the go ahead.  He isn't taking his medicine very well, eating and drinking enough, or sitting up on his own.  I held him on my lap for a little while and he kept crying that it hurt and he wanted back in bed.  His oxygen isn't quite as high as we would like on his own. He won't exercise his lungs and take big breaths. Neil is going to help him get up and walk some tonight.  Hopefully, that will help us move out of ICU tomorrow.  He did eat some chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight. I hope that helps him feel better and want to get moving.  He is doing great for only being one day out of major heart surgery.  He is my heart hero!!!

Here are some pictures from this week. He looks much better today.  Thanks for your prayers for our family and Joshua.
Waiting to go in the Cath Lab

Playing the iPod during recovery from the Cath Lab

After the Fontan

Still asleep right after the Fontan

Resting after surgery

A piece of the tubing Dr. Burch used to connect Joshua's new plumbing. It is 20 mm tubing.

Sleeping the night away after surgery

Looking good

Joshua even has pretty good color for just having surgery

Eating dinner and watching a movie on the first day of recovery

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