Saturday, August 17, 2013

A busy week at the Waite house

There has been so much happening this week. I'll try and give you a quick run down.

Sunday we took Joshua just to Sacrament meeting and then had Bethany bring him home when the YSA ward finished their meetings.  During Sacrament meeting Joshua discovered he could take his oxygen off and run free.  Several people in the ward had to smile as he pulled off his oxygen and took a run around the chapel.  I am sure they had to shake their heads that he just had heart surgery and was off running.

Some of the week's activities included signing Emma up for classes at the Middle School, Primary meetings, a free lunch downtown, swimming, playing with friends and a Snow cone stand.  Emma and her friends made $28 doing an afternoon snow cone/brownie stand.  I think I should go into the business if it pays that well.

This morning Neil, Matthew, Emma and Julia went to the temple to do baptisms.  They had to leave at 6:00. I stayed up and wrote the Primary Sacrament Meeting presentation. I was really happy with how it went.  Emma stayed in Billings and helped babysit for a few friends while they went to the temple.  This afternoon we went to the free day at the Powell pool.  Lydia, Dallin, and MaryAnne loved doing the obstacle course. Lydia was so determined that she wanted to try it.  Dallin started out so slow and careful, he really didn't want to fall. By the end he was getting much faster and braver. Bethany, Julia, and Matthew decided to stay home. Joshua would have loved going, but no water for 6 weeks after surgery. Emma came later when she got home.

Tonight all the children are tired and ready for bed. Sounds like an early bedtime is in order.

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