Sunday, April 17, 2016

Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail comes through the Blue Ridge Mountains about ten miles from Buena Vista.  A few weeks ago we decided to take a hike on the famous trail.  Unfortunately, we came close but didn't quite find the trail.  We came home and looked on a map and decided to try again yesterday.  Neil, Mathew, David, MaryAnne, Dallin, Joshua, Lydia and I all enjoyed a hike on the Appalachian Trail.  We only hiked about a mile on the trail up to the Punchbowl Shelter.  It wasn't too far of a hike, but it was plenty of uphill for me.

We were taking a break at the shelter when a couple of other hikers came up also.  They were hiking about 150 miles on the trail.  They were out of water and thought they could get some at the Punchbowl Shelter.  Unfortunately, there wasn't any water source besides the lake there.  We had an extra water bottle so we gave it to them.  Hopefully they found another water source before too long.

Here are some pictures of our Appalachian Adventure:

The kids enjoyed exploring the shelter.  Matthew liked the logic puzzle book in the shelter.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

April General Conference

I loved Conference weekend! It is always just what I need.  The kids and I stayed at home and watched on tv.  Neil had responsibility to have it up and running at the church so he decided to watch there.  I had activities for the kids to do and snacks.  I didn't take any pictures this conference, but we had a great weekend. I am always grateful that our children are willing to watch Conference and don't fight us on it.  I think the older kids even look forward to Conference.  I am always grateful to hear the Apostles and Prophet speak.  I know that we are lead and guided by a Prophet who speaks for the Lord.

Here is a picture of the coolest husband around.  He is heading down to the church to set up the broadcast at the chapel for those who want to watch it there.

Pinewood Derby 2016

Our pack had their pinewood derby this week.  I really liked how the pack here ran the pinewood derby.  About a month before the races they gave out the cars and had tools there at the church for parents and boys to work on the cars.  They had templates for cutting out cars and ideas for the boys to choose from.  I felt that it involved the boys more and it gave some of the boys and parents a better chance to be successful.

Dallin decided to turn his block of wood into a truck.  He helped Neil cut it out and sand it off.  They painted it blue.  They added a battery in the bed of the truck to give it enough weight.  It still didn't weigh quite enough so they hot glued a bolt on the back to get it just enough weight.  Neil ran the truck down the track one time just to make sure it would make it down.  It was a little wobbly and Neil was a little worried it wouldn't do very well.  Just before the races started Dallin brought his car to Neil and said that the bolt had fallen off.  Neil hurried and went out to the repair center and decided to attach the bolt in front of the battery with electrical tape.  When it came time for Dallin's truck to race it did really well.  In fact, he won the first six races he was in.  Dallin ended up taking third overall.  One of the cars that Dallin had beaten in earlier races beat him.  We have never done super well with building fast pinewood derby cars so it was fun to see Dallin excited to do so well.  Neil has always tried to let the boys be involved with building their cars.  We have had some cool looking cars, but they haven't always been fast.

The cub scout pack also did their Blue and Gold Banquet with the Pinewood Derby.  The boys decorated cakes for dessert.  Dallin had fun decorating his cake.  He didn't win any awards, but it was still a fun experience.

When we got home Dallin came and found me and asked if I thought that the Holy Ghost inspired Neil to change where the weight was on his truck.  I was so pleased that he thought of the Holy Ghost and gave credit to the Lord for his car doing well.  I told him that the Lord does care about the little things in our lives and would help us even in little things.

Here are some pictures of the night and Dallin's car:

Dallin with his car and his cake 

MaryAnne hanging out with Ora and Emma 

Lydia coloring while waiting for dinner

Dallin watching his truck race

Dallin with his truck and his third place trophy

Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter fun 2016

We did a few fun things for Easter this year.  Bethany sent us some scrambled eggs to figure out.  We got all but one pretty easily.  We still haven't figured out what the orange eggs are supposed to say.  I guess she will have to give us a hint sometime.

We had a good time together coloring eggs.  The kids always look forward to coloring eggs.  We also went and did a flashlight Easter egg hunt with some friends.  I loved it!  I am going to host one next year in Wyoming.

The boys being cool.  I hope David isn't really going to drink the egg dye.

Julia and Emma showing off their favorite superhero eggs.

Easter Sunrise service at Natural Bridge

We had a wonderful Easter this year.  We have been wanting to see Natural Bridge but hadn't been there yet.  A friend told us that they did a sunrise service there on Easter morning so Neil, Emma, Matthew and I went.  It was a beautiful morning.  The service was a different style than we were used to, but taught truths of the resurrection.  We enjoyed seeing Natural Bridge and thinking about our Savior.

Natural Bridge was owned by Thomas Jefferson and surveyed by George Washington.  It is a very cool natural wonder.  You can still see where George Washington supposedly carved his initials.  The highway drives right over Natural Bridge still today but you can't see it from the road.

It is really hard to see, but this is supposed to be George Washington's initials carved in the wall at Natural Bridge.