Sunday, August 4, 2013

Exciting news...We are heading HOME!!!!

Yesterday afternoon Joshua was having trouble keeping anything down, but today he is doing much better. When Dr. Burch and his amazing team rounded this morning they asked us how we would feel about going home today. I was so surprised!! HOME,TODAY!!!!  Joshua has been in great spirits today. We have walked the halls, gone to the Forever Young playroom, and been to Sacrament Meeting.  Yesterday we took Joshua to the playroom in his wheelchair and he really didn't have much interest. Today he asked if he could go there and played with everything. He is having a reaction to the tape so he has a rash, but he is looking good.

We are getting discharge things done, oxygen line up, prescriptions filled and heading home!!  Feeling so blessed right now!!  Thanks for your prayers for Joshua and our family.

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