Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a beautiful October this year. This was one of the few years that you could wear a cute costume and not worry about wearing a coat over it. It was a beautiful fall day. We enjoyed our yearly tradition of eating pizza with Martha before going trunk or treating.

The children had fun figuring out what they wanted to be. Bethany and Julia didn't dress up, but they took Dallin and Joshua around to get treats. Matthew was a two headed monster with Sam Shoopman. I was glad that Sister Shoopman helped them figure out their costume. Emma was a pink pony and she pulled the carriage with Emma Andreasen as a princess. They always dress up together. They take turns being pulled and pulling each year. They worked their costume out by themselves. They even made and painted their own carriage. The costume Emma wore was too small because I made it for Rebecca when she was five, but I didn't want to make another pony costume. She was a good sport about wearing it anyway. David was excited to be a cub scout. MaryAnne decided to be a princess, not too surprising. Dallin was a dragon. Rebecca and Bethany gave him this costume for his birthday last year. It was a little small but he was excited to wear it. Joshua was an adorable pumpkin.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Turning 10 on 10-20, 2010

Emma was so excited about her birthday this year. She had a countdown chain for the whole month and faithfully cut a link off each day. Neil thought it was really cool that she was turning 10 on 10-20-2010. That doesn't happen every year. She picked a butterfly cake. I think it turned out pretty good, at least for my cake decorating skills. She was happy with it anyway. She wanted lasagna and rolls for dinner. We had Martha out to our house for dinner and cake. It was a fun evening. Neil and the girls had Young Women's activities so we had Emma, Romney and Linda over for cake in the evening. Emma was so excited to get some more Let Pet Shop things. She sure enjoys playing with those right now.

Emma, you are such a special young lady. Thank you for sharing your bright smile and fun personality with us. You keep us hopping with your enthusiasm and spirit. We love you and are grateful for your presence in our family. Hope you have a wonderful year. Love, Mom and Dad

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Matthew playing Flag football

Lest you think that our whole life is Joshua oriented we decided to make a post strictly about Matthew playing flag football. He would have liked to play tackle, but he was a peacemaker and listened to Mom's wishes. I really wanted him to play flag one more year. Tackle involved more money, and travel. Flag was right here in Powell and didn't last as long. Last year, Matthew's team didn't win a single game. This year his team went undefeated. He played on the Colts team this year. It took a few games for either offense to get a score, but the defenses did well at scoring off of interceptions for both teams. He got some really good blocks in. We had nice weather for every game. It was fun to watch him play. Good job, Matthew!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Joshua playing ball

Joshua absolutely loves to play ball. He has a pretty good arm. He definitely doesn't throw like a girl. He will throw anything and everything. He will keep throwing over and over and never seems to tire of it. Someone forgot to tell him that he isn't supposed to be an athlete. Tonight at Matthew's football game he kept throwing a rock over and over. The other night he was throwing the balls so cute that we decided to record him. We hope you enjoy watching him.