Thursday, August 8, 2013

Home has been good for Joshua

Sorry I haven't posted since we came home.  It has been so good to be home!! It has been busy again, though. Getting back into the routine of having everyone together again and taking care of household things has kept us busy.  It was so good to come home and see the children again. Some of the children waited up for us and it was fun to be welcomed home.

Joshua has done amazing since being home. He has been so happy and enjoyed playing with the kids. We are trying to keep him doing quiet activities.  He is still on oxygen so he can't go too far or get into too much mischief.  He is sleeping upstairs, so I can check him several times a night.  It's really true, there's no place like home.  His rash has gotten much better. He is just doing amazing!! We feel so blessed. Thanks for all the prayers said for our family and Joshua.
At home watching a movie. He was just grinning from ear to ear, but I couldn't capture it on camera.

We went and saw Dr. Wiggins yesterday.  He said everything looks really good. We are going to keep Joshua on oxygen for the next month, just to help his lungs adjust to the new pressures in them.  Joshua had a bit of a fit when he was asked to put on a hospital gown for his chest xray. He wanted nothing to do with that.  He did let them take the xray without his shirt.  He was nervous at Dr. Wiggins office at first, but he warmed up before we left. I can't blame him for being nervous after all he has been through lately.  Dr. Wiggins took out the stitch left in where his chest tube was. Joshua was even brave through that. Joshua's SAT's were at about 90 without being on oxygen. We haven't seen him that high since he was about 6 months old. We were so glad to hear everything looks good, but I wasn't surprised because he acts like he is feeling better. 

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