Sunday, December 19, 2010

David's baptism and Matthew's ordination

On Sunday, December 19th Matthew was ordained a deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood. Neil gave him a beautiful blessing. We are so grateful for the fine young man he is growing into. He looked so handsome passing the Sacrament.

David was baptized the same evening. He was so excited to become a member of the Church. He is a good boy and joy to have in our family.

It was such a special day to spend with these two boys. Grandpa and Grandma Sharp came. Grandma Karan wanted to come, but couldn't make the trip. Ben and his family tried to come, but they got a flat tire and had to go back to Billings. Rebecca and Rian were here. I was so grateful that Rebecca could be here for her brothers special day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Matthew's 12th birthday

Matthew turned 12 on December 9th. He was excited to be old enough to be ordained to the priesthood and be in scouts. We are so pleased with the fine young man he is growing into. It is fun to watch your children grow up.

Matthew wanted a Death by Chocolate cake for his birthday. He even helped make it. It tasted delicious!! We did cake and presents at lunch time because Neil and Emma were leaving to drive to Oregon for Grandma Hibbert's funeral.

Matthew's favorite present was from his friend, Sam Shoopman. Sam gave him a new tackle box and some flies. He was really dancing with excitement when he saw them.

Our ward had a youth baptism trip planned for the 18th of December so he has already gotten to attend the temple.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

David turned 8

David was so excited to turn eight. He had his traditional football birthday cake. I think he has had one every year except his first birthday. At least they aren't very hard to decorate and I have gotten pretty good at doing them.

We traditionally have given our children a new set of scriptures for their birthday when they turn eight. I thought about it a month before his birthday, but then I forgot to order his scriptures. When he finished opening presents the older girls asked where his scriptures were and that was when I remembered I hadn't ordered any. I ordered them the next morning. He was patient with my forgetfulness, but couldn't wait to get his own quad. He was excited when his package came in the mail.

David was also very excited to start cub scouts. Unfortunately, it has taken mom a few weeks to get in the habit of sending him on Wednesday afternoons.