Sunday, March 12, 2017

Peter and Wendy Missoula Children's Theater

Lydia decided to try out for the Missoula Children's Theater production of Peter and Wendy.  They audition on Monday and perform on Saturday.  It is an intense week of rehearsals and learning.  There were lots of children that tried out.  Lydia was the only one from our family to audition. Emma was a good sport and took her to the auditions.  I was so happy for her when she came home and told us that she got a part as a cloud.  She was so excited to call Rebecca and tell her she got a part.

 She had rehearsals on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  The Andreasen children also had parts so we carpooled. On Friday, I was running just  a little later than I wanted to be. I didn't slow down as much as I should have in the school zone.  There was a police officer at the high school and he pulled me over. It was the first time I have ever been pulled over. He was super nice about it and gave me a warning.  He told me the high school drivers were being on their best behavior while watching me be pulled over.  I don't think I want to be the example again.

Lydia was such a cute little cloud. I loved watching her perform. She had so much fun being in the play.

First spring activity of 2017

We have had a long and drawn out winter.  I am tired of winter this year.  We had a nice and fairly warm day on Friday, March 3rd.  We decided to go to the park to play for awhile after school.  We took a few Andreasen children with us and headed out to enjoy the sunshine.  I put Aaron in the wrap so I could have my hands free and it helped keep him warmer.  We had a great time playing at the park and some of the older kids played tennis with Neil. It felt good to enjoy the sunshine together.

Math Counts

David is on the Middle school Math Counts team.  They had a regional competition at Northwest College and our mathletes took first. David took 6th individually.  He did a great job.

About a week later they went to the State competition in Laramie. They left on Friday and didn't come home until Sunday.  At State our team took second. David took 14th individually.

Sometimes I can sure tell that Neil is a math teacher and our boys really like math. I will hear them telling math jokes or math problems to each other.  Give the boys a calculator and they can keep themselves entertained for a long time.

7 months!

Aaron is 7 months old!  It was an adventure to take his pictures with his paper sign. He kept wanting to eat the sign. He is such a fun and happy baby.  I love his smile and his laugh.  He has become quite a mama's boy. He will lean and dive towards me when he wants me to hold him.  He has learned to give five.  Matthew loves to have him give five.  He likes to watch Matthew play basketball through the window when the weather is nice.  He can officially roll over and is trying to figure out how to move his body.  He can push forward with his toes.  We are so grateful for this little guy and the joy he brings our family.  Quite frequently you will find the children gathered around whoever is holding Aaron.

Big white envelope #3

Matthew's mission call came on Saturday, March 4th. Matthew was called to serve in the New Mexico, Farmington mission. He reports to the MTC on May 31, 2017.  His mission covers the four corners area of Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.  His mission borders Julia's mission.  He leaves one week before Bethany gets home.

 He waited to open it for a few hours until a few more people were at home.  David was gone to the State Math competition so he didn't get to hear until the next day.  We are so happy that Matthew is worthy and willing to serve the Lord.  I know that serving a mission will bless Matthew as well as the people he serves and teaches.  Go out there and do your very best, Matthew.  You are going to be a great missionary!

Dallin's 4th grade Basketball season

Dallin decided to play basketball this year.  He was on the Jr. Trappers team.  He was the big man in the paint for his team.  He did a good job blocking people out, getting rebounds, and making shots.  His team went undefeated by our record keeping.  We enjoyed watching him play.  It is fun to cheer for all the boys as they learn the game and are good sports.  Dallin is number 10 in the first pictures and number 14 in the last pictures.  Great job, Dallin!