Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paddle and Peddle

Last week I took MaryAnne, Dallin, Joshua and Lydia to the rec department's paddle and peddle activity.  They had fun playing in the water and then riding their bikes through the obstacle course.  Dallin even got his picture in the newspaper.  They gave each of the children a bike helmet and a popsicle for participating.  Here are a few pictures of the activity.


Lately Lydia has been having a hard time when neighbors come to play.  She and Micah are about the same age and have been good friends.  Lately, Micah and Joshua have been playing together and Lydia has felt left out. She tells me she needs a little girl to play with.  There aren't any little girls in our neighborhood so it has been a challenge to meet her needs.  She tells me that big girls and moms are too busy to be fun for a little girl.  Yesterday was one of those days when she needed something fun to distract her from being left out.  She loves to look at our cupcake book so I decided to help her make cupcakes.  She wanted to  make apple cupcakes.  We had a great time together making them.  Lydia put in all the ingredients.  I think they turned out cute and they kept Lydia happy for most of the day.  She loved sharing her apples and letting the children have an apple for dessert.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Where has summer gone?

Where has our summer gone?  It is only a week and half until school starts again.  Neil and Bethany start on Monday the 25th, Julia and Matthew start on Tuesday the 26th, Emma, David, MaryAnne, and Dallin start on Wednesday the 27th.  I think I will start Joshua on Wednesday also.  We have been busy the past couple of weeks.

We went to the Waite Reunion at Bear Lake the end of July.  It was a wonderful couple of days together.  We had a great time visiting and playing together.  We rented a cabin together and it was a great home base and made it really nice.  The only draw back was 40 people sharing one bathroom and shower. North Beach was lots of fun, except for the sunburn afterward.  I only burned one ankle, but it sure did hurt afterward.  It was a great place for the children to play in the lake. They could walk out for a long ways without it getting too deep.  Matthew and Julia had a great time playing frisbee in the water.  I enjoyed visiting with Rebecca.  We were so blessed to have all of our children at the Reunion.  There were lots of games and visiting going on during the days we were together.  We took boxes and slingshots and played angry birds.  The children played lots of soccer together.  They also played card games and just hung out with cousins.  We took crafts for the kids to do and the sponge balls for a water fight. I always feel bad that our children only see their cousins about once a year and don't really get to know each other.  I hope they will remember how much fun they had together and be friends again next year at the reunion.

We left Matthew and Julia in Idaho with Grandma Karan so they could go to EFY in Rexburg the next week.  Rebecca went home and the rest of us drove to Price to see Grandma Kremers. MaryAnne rode as far as Orem with Jonathan and Kendra's family.  Aunt Donna hosted a BBQ and we enjoyed a mini reunion.  Grandma Kremers, Aunt Vicki and Uncle Roger, Uncle Bruce and Peggy, Aunt Donna, Ben and Dawn, Nate, Zac and Samantha, Brandi and her granddaughter Oakley, Shawn, Mykenzi and Graham, April, and Alanis were all there.  It was great to see so many family members.  We were about an hour and a half late and felt really bad about missing the time to visit.  Grandma was getting tired by the time we got there, but was  good sport and stayed to visit.  We got to Price only about an hour later than planned, but I had forgotten to find out where the BBQ was going to be so we went to Grandma's house, but no one was there.  We had sent our cell phones with Matthew and Julia so we didn't have any numbers to call Ben or Nathan.  Finally, we called our neighbor who was good enough to come to our house and get a  list of phone numbers for us.  We called Ben and made it to the BBQ.  It was a good time.  Joshua loved playing a game called Washers that Aunt Donna had.  We went to Church Sunday morning and then went over to see Grandma before we left for the long ride home.  It was so wonderful to see Grandma and Aunt Donna and April were wonderful hosts.

Neil took the younger children and the children that Emma babysits to the Froggy Pool on Monday afternoon while Bethany, Emma and I clogged at our last performance for the summer. I sure love clogging with them.  We did a couple of songs at the reunion and at Aunt Donna's house.  I make lots of mistakes but we have a good time together.  Bethany is a very patient teacher when each week I ask to see the same steps over again because I have forgotten them.

Emma won a Pizza Hutt gift card from summer reading.  Our Pizza Hutt does half price on Thursdays if you dine in so that is what we did for dinner on Thursday.  It was lots of fun! Thanks so much, Emma!

Neil and I drove over to Rexburg on Friday to pick up Matthew and Julia early Saturday morning.  We planned on going to the Rexburg temple, but it was closed when we got there. We have gone to temples several times and had them be closed.  I guess we need to learn to check the schedule better before we go.  We had time so we decided to walk around on campus.  Campus has changed so much since we were there 23 years ago.  Neil said it was interesting to walk down memory lane when the lane has changed. We walked through the Manwaring Center where we first went to church together. We even got to see Matthew in the Manwaring Center as he was coming for dinner.  I was looking for Matthew or Julia and was glad to get to say hi to him.   I loved seeing the new BYUI center.  It is very much like a small conference center.  It would be neat to attend meetings there.

We picked up Matthew first on Saturday morning.  He was staying in the Sommerset apartments.  They were right next to Heritage Manor so it was fun to show him where I lived when I was there.  He showed us where Julia was and we went and found her.  She had some great roommates who wanted to take her home with them.  I told them I would miss her too much and so she came with us.  We had a great time coming home and enjoyed hearing about Matthew and Julia's experiences.  I always love the weeks after EFY. It seems like the children are open to talking about the experiences and classes they had.  They also seem to try harder to keep the spirit with them and be kind and patient.

Yesterday there was a free day at the Powell Aquatic Center so we took most of the children and had a good time together.  David is working on his swimming requirements for Scouts.  Emma is trying to learn to dive.  The rest of us just played.

We have been having a great summer.  I think we will still get a few fun activities in before school starts.  There is a ward campout this weekend.  I just want to check with Dr. Wiggins and make sure Joshua will be ok with the high elevation.  Lydia wants to sleep out in our trailer one night.  I got  a new picnic table this summer and I want to do a hot dog roast one night before school starts.

Here are a few pictures from our latest adventures.  Hope you enjoy them.

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