Thursday, August 1, 2013

first night in the CICU

Joshua did really well throughout the night.  I stayed with him and I had the best night sleep ever in an ICU room.  He called for me a few times, probably about once an hour, but it was still a good night.  He is doing his best to cooperate with the nurses.  He has already had one IV taken out.  Hopefully today we will be able to take out several more IV's and his catheter.  He should be able to move around  a bit today.  He has been taking water and Sprite. I hope he will be able to eat today.  He has had a few moments when he gets upset and his blood pressure goes up and his oxygen goes down.  He is on a little bit of oxygen and he doesn't really like that.  His oxygen levels are a little lower this morning, that is most likely from fluid in his lungs. He needs to cough or take some deep breaths, but he doesn't really want to.  He has much better color today than he did yesterday. He looks good. There is a chance we will move out of ICU today.  We'll just see what happens.  I have pictures, I'll post them later when I can use the laptop.  Thanks for all your prayers!!  We feel so blessed.

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