Friday, August 2, 2013

Out of CICU

We've moved!!  Hooray!! Joshua was moved out of the CICU about an hour ago. I am always so grateful to be on the 3rd floor in a room with a view.  Joshua hasn't been in the most cooperative of moods today. He needs to cough to clean out his lungs. He absolutely refuses. He won't even blow bubbles. The doctors and nurses understand that he is just a four year old trying to be in charge of something in his life. They are being patient with him.  He also needs to take his pain medication. He is spitting out his medicine if we do get lucky and get it in his mouth.  He doesn't like to take anything other than his normal medicines.  We'll get there.  I did get him to eat and drink by ordering a corn dog for breakfast.  It made him thirsty so we accomplished two things with one order.  He looks really good today. He is down to just two chest tubes, which might come out this afternoon, and 1 IV.  I feel hopeful and optimistic after a good nights sleep.

Thanks for all your prayers.  We feel so blessed!!

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