Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter Wonderland

We have had a couple of days of amazing frosts on the trees.  They are so beautiful!!  I love it when the frost is heavy and stays all day.  What a beautiful winter wonderland it has been.

Another health update

Well I think we are finally getting better around here. I finally took MaryAnne and Lydia to the doctor on Friday. They both have Impetigo.  I don't know why we are so good at sharing germs around here.  They have been on the antibiotic long enough that they can go back to school and preschool tomorrow.  Everyone was well enough to go to church yesterday.  It has been two weeks since we took everyone.  Hooray for getting better!!!!

Lydia's fourth birthday

Quite awhile ago Lydia found a picture of Emma's birthday cake that was a castle.  She instantly knew that was the cake she wanted for her birthday.  She has been waiting and waiting to make her cake.  We bought the colored ice cream cones a month ago when she saw them at the store.  Well the big day finally came and she got her cake.  She loved helping me make her cake and choosing which princesses to put on it.  She loved her princess dress she got for a present. She was so excited to turn four and be a big girl.  She is also excited to be a sunbeam in primary.  She has done great going to Primary instead of nursery.  It was good that she had a whole extra year in nursery because she just recently started going.  We sure love our Lyddie Lou!! She keeps us laughing and smiling.  Hope you have an amazing year this year little Lydia!!

The others don't look too excited, but we did love celebrating Lydia's birthday

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A health update

How many sicknesses can be in one house at the same time?  It seems like we have a little bit of everything going on around here.  MaryAnne, Dallin and David stayed home from church and school on Monday with sore throats and headaches.  Dallin also has quite a cough.  He decided to go back to school today.  MaryAnne is still home.  I hope she will feel good enough to go tomorrow.  I know she wants to get better, but she really doesn't want to do anything that I think will help her feel better. 

Lydia was feeling good until last night.  She was  up a couple of times in the night throwing up.  She is pale this morning and doesn't look like she feels better yet.

It turns out that Joshua didn't have hand, foot and mouth. He has Impetigo.  We took him to the doctor on Monday and got him started on an antibiotic.  The school called yesterday and said that Emma also has it.  We had already guessed that and started her on an antibiotic cream.  I hope they both keep their germs to themselves and get over it soon.

Matthew has decided that he isn't going to get sick for the whole year. I hope he can keep his goal and stay healthy.

Maybe this year January will be our month to be sick and February will be a healthy month.  If that is the case, February can't get here soon enough for me.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hand foot and mouth (Welcome to 2015 and it isn't February yet)

I think Joshua has hand foot and mouth disease.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize it and I may have exposed a lot of people.  Friday, Joshua had a sore throat and a fever and just didn't feel very well.  He also had one sore by his nose. Saturday, I thought he was feeling better so we went ahead and had a birthday party for him and Lydia.  We had 3 children from the ward and the Andreasen children over for the party.  Sunday, Joshua wasn't very happy when he got up. I thought he probably wasn't feeling very well so I let him stay home with Bethany until she went to church at 11:00.  She brought him to church for the last hour of primary.  Monday morning when Joshua got up he had sores all over his face.  One of my friends told me that it sounded like hand foot and mouth. It has been going around.  Joshua has been a pretty good sport about all of this.  It has been hard to keep him from touching his face.  He had to stay home from preschool this week. He was pretty mad about that.  I hope his sores look better soon.  I really hope that this doesn't get shared with everyone he has been around our house or everyone in our family.  So far so good, no one has had any symptoms.

Here are some pictures of how Joshua looked this morning. It looks pretty painful.  I hope it gets better soon. This is an interesting way to start the new year. Usually we spend February being sick. I guess we are getting an early jump on it this year.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year!

We were so blessed to have Grandpa and Grandma Sharp here to celebrate Joshua's 6th birthday.  We celebrated early in the day so we could have a New Year's celebration in the evening.  Joshua was excited to turn six.  He helped make a snake cake and loved it.  He was fun to watch as he showed so much excitement about each present.  He wanted a bike with training wheels and was excited to get a Lightning McQueen bike.  Happy birthday, dear Joshua!!

In the evening we celebrated New Year's Eve.  We had pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner.  It was delicious!! Neil was the master pizza orderer.  He is braver about trying new things than I am.  He tried a few combinations that I wouldn't have thought of, but they were delicious.  Matthew even said the sausage, pepperoni pizza drizzled with barbeque sauce was the best pizza he had ever had.  We said goodbye to grandma and grandpa after dinner when they were ready to go back to the motel.  They got up early and left for home the next morning.  We had root beer floats and watched a movie with the kids.  The kids love our family tradition of them each choosing a movie to watch until midnight.  Mom and Dad get to go to bed earlier and the kids stay up.  This year even Lydia stayed up and watched with the kids, but she fell asleep before midnight.  Joshua made it all the way to midnight.  It makes for a fussy New Year's Day with tired children, but they love to do it together.  With nine children home for New Year's Eve we still haven't gotten all the movies watched.  I think they still have at least three to go.

We hope everyone has a happy 2015!!!