Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Two months

Aaron is two months old.  He is still such a good and happy baby.  He has started sleeping through the night pretty consistently.  He is great at smiling and cooing.  He weighs about 12 pounds.  We got out the bouncy seat that makes noise and has lights when he kicks.  I am pretty sure he knows that kicking makes it work.  He kicks and kicks when he is sitting in it.  It is so cute!  We are so grateful for Aaron and are glad he is part of our family.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

First day of Kindergarten

Lydia has a busy Kindergarten schedule.  We do school at the District run preschool on Tuesday and Thursday.  Wednesday we have a mom group we meet with.  Monday and Friday we do school at home.  Lydia wanted to wait and take her first day of school picture on the first day of the district preschool.

Cross Country Senior Season

This is Matthew's senior Cross Country season.  How I love watching him run.  I am really going to miss cross country meets.  I love that you can cheer on every runner.  They are all doing their best to run hard.  I am so grateful for Coach Boos and his wonderful coaching philosophy.  Coach Boos is so good to encourage every runner and looks for the best in them.

We went to watch Matthew run at the Olive Glenn Golf Course in Cody on September 16th.  It was an interesting format.  It was a fox and hound format.  The slowest runners got to start first. Every 20 seconds another group of runners started.  Matthew was the 4th runner to start for Powell.  He ran well (official time 20:21). He wasn't really happy with his time, but I loved cheering him on.

On the 19th we went and watched Matthew run at the Foster Gulf Golf Course in Lovell.  He ran right at 20 minutes.  His goal is to get under 19 minutes, not easy to do.  We took everyone and cheered him on for Family Home Evening.

On Thursday, September 22nd, Matthew went to run at Worland.  It was the perfect conditions for running.  It was cool and maybe slightly rainy.  Matthew had a great race! He ran a 18:57.88! I was so happy for him.  He finally got below 19 minutes.  His personal record before this race was 19:09.  He beat it by about 12 seconds.  My mom heart was so happy for him.  He really wanted to break 19 minutes and he finally did it.  Hooray!!!

Lydia cheering Matthew on

Homecoming Olympics

September 12-16th was homecoming week at Powell High School.  Emma was on a team with her friends for the homecoming olympics. They had to do all kinds of crazy events.  Emma had her picture on the front page of the Powell Tribune.  She had whipped cream on her cheek and Jessica Kasinger was trying to throw goldfish crackers and get them to stick to the whipped cream.  Emma's team name was the tooth fairies. They wore tie dyed tee shirts and tutus.  Pretty cute.  Emma the girls on her team didn't win the gold, but they did have a great time together. Unfortunately, it was a cold and rainy evening.  I wanted to take some of the children and watch a few events, but with the cold I didn't end up going.  Neil, Matthew and David did stop by and watch for a little bit after young men's. 


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Aaron's first bath

Ok...this is a catch up post from about a month ago.  While we were in Idaho for the Hibbert Family Reunion Aaron's chord finally fell off.  We waited until we went to Karan's house on Saturday to give him his first bath.  He really seemed to enjoy his bath in a bowl.  Emma helped bath him and took lots of pictures.

More than she bargained for

Emma decided she wanted to have her hair cut before school started.  She wanted to donate 10 inches to Locks of Love.  She hadn't gotten around to getting her hair cut.  The day before school started we went to Walmart.  I told her we had time for her to get it done while I was doing my shopping.  The beautician said she had just enough time to do Emma before her next appointment.  The beautician actually cut about 17 inches off Emma's hair.  A little more than she bargained for.  When I saw Emma from behind I thought she was going to be disappointed.  At least it is just hair and it will grow back.  She misses being able to braid it and I miss being able to try new things in her hair.  It does look cute on her, but I will be glad when she has long hair again. 

Emma's long beautiful hair before the cut.


First day of school...kindof

Ok, so honestly I didn't have things ready to take first day of school pictures.  It was a rush of a morning and it just didn't get done.  Instead I took fifth day of school pictures.

We decided to let the kids ride the bus on the first day of school this year.  It is the first time I haven't taken them on the first day.  I did go and meet the bus at Westside Elementary just so I could be sure the boys made it and help Josh take his backpack into his classroom.

We have a child in every even grade from Kindgergarten through 12th grade, plus we have 4 children not in school.   I guess that covers a lot of stages of learning in our family.

Matthew decided to be homeschooled again and do all his classes at Northwest.  He is taking English, Chemistry, Pre- Calculus/Trig, and Sign Language.  He is running Cross Country for Powell High.

Emma is a sophomore at Powell High.  She is glad to be back with her friends and has jumped right in again.  She wanted to take the AP english class, but they had homework assigned over the summer.  She decided she didn't have time to get it done before school so she is taking the regular english this year.  She is taking an art class.  She had to give up band this year, but maybe next year she will be able to jump in again.

David is liking being one of the big kids at the middle school.  The middle school is  a new building this year so everyone is learning where things are.  He is enjoying being back with his friends.  He is really liking the robotics class he is taking from Bishop Opps.

MaryAnne was really nervous about starting at the middle school.  We told her it was new to all the sixth graders.  She is playing the clarinet in band.

Dallin is going to Westside Elementary.  He wasn't too happy about going to three elementary schools in three years.  He is adjusting.  More kids from our ward go the Westside than Parkside so he knows a lot of the kids there.

Joshua is also at Westside. He loves riding the bus and recess.  He says his favorite class is PE.  He is getting some extra help with his reading and writing.  I have tried and tried to get him to form his letters correctly.  He came home from school and told me he learned a better way to write h's and 8's.  Hooray for teachers that take the time to help individuals!

Lydia is doing kindergarten at home.  We are doing the Preschool through the school district on Tuesday and Thursday.  We are also doing a group of preschool friends on Wednesday mornings.  Kindergarten is my favorite year to homeshool. We have been studying the letter A.  We made cupcakes into the shape of an alligator together.  It was fun.

Here are some pictures from the beginning of the school year.  Hope you enjoy.

Joshua coming off the bus at Westside