Monday, April 23, 2018

Rocket Launch 2018

This year the cub scouts did a rocket launch activity instead of the traditional pine wood derby. The boys had a great time in several stations. I was asked to go and help. It was fun to be there with Joshua. David and Dallin were also there to help.  The leaders had treats for the boys, took their picture, had a relay race to put on space equipment and race around the world, and they got to make their own rocket to launch.  The rockets were made out of paper rolled tightly and sealed with tape.  They used an air compressor to launch the rockets. It was a lot of fun to see how high they went. Several ended up on the church roof and the boys had to make a new one. It was a great activity.

Here are some videos of Joshua's two launches. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Priest and Laurel formal dance 2018

Emma went to the Priest and Laurel Formal dance, but she only went for the dinner part. She didn't really have any desire to go to the dance.  She looked beautiful. I had fun doing her hair.  I hope she had fun and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Robotics Club

Dallin had the opportunity to take part in the Robotics club at Westside this year.  He and his partner built a robot to sweep things up. It took a lot of thinking and tinkering to get their robot todo what they wanted it to. I am glad he had the opportunity. Robotics teaches good problem-solving. It doesn't always come together the first time you try. It teaches you to keep working and thinking. Here are a  couple of videos of their robot in action.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Missoula Children's Theater 2018 Gulliver's Travels in Space

It is MCT time in Powell again. I think at least one of our children has auditioned every year we have been here for the last twenty years.  We have gotten some parts, but not made it more often. This year MaryAnne, Joshua and Lydia auditioned.  MaryAnne was cast as a Yahoo and Lydia got the part of a blue alien.  Poor Joshua was sad that he didn't make it.  It is always hard when you aren't chosen.  I think it is even harder when your siblings and friends are doing it and you aren't.

We did enjoy supporting MaryAnne and Lydia. They had a busy week of practicing each day after school. Lydia practiced until 5:30 and MaryAnne was there until 8:00 each night.  They had a blast.  They really did a great job! Lydia was the 2nd alien. On performance day the lead alien was sick and couldn't perform. Lydia got to step in and do the lines and be the leader.  She did great!

They had two performances on Saturday. It was sad that Neil had to be out of town and didn't get to watch them.

Here are some pictures and videos of their performances on Saturday:

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Grateful for big brothers

Having older brothers is a blessing, even if sometimes it is hard to see.  A few weeks ago Lydia wanted to make a tent in the yard to have adventures in.  Dallin came over and worked hard with her to get it set up. I helped them, but Dallin really did a lot of the figuring out and building.  We used a tarp and some sticks lashed together.  It was hard to get it to stay up, but Dallin stayed with it. Lydia had gotten bored with the project and wasn't helping too much anymore. By the time we got it finished the wind had come up. It was a little too cold to stay out and play, but we had a good time working on it together. I am grateful when our children work together and help each other out. It doesn't happen all the time, but it is great when it does. 

Reading the Book of Mormon

The other day when we finished reading the Book of Mormon for family scripture study it was fun to see Aaron flipping through the pages. He looked like he was trying to read The Book of Mormon.  I guess they are never too young to enjoy the Book of Mormon.

Swimming at the Cody Rec Center

Our kids love going swimming. We have a great pool here in Powell and one in Cody. We are blessed that the Cody pool does free days or $5 family days once a month.  It is a great deal for our family so we try and go on those days.  We took the kids over to go swimming on March 10th.  Emma and Bethany stayed home for work and school work. The rest of us had a good time together. The kids love the slide. Aaron loved playing basketball in the pool. David would lift him up so he could make a basket. They did it over and over.  After swimming, we stopped at Albertson's and bought two cartons of ice cream.  We dished it up in the van and enjoyed a treat together.  It was a good time together.