Saturday, March 24, 2012

Prom excitement

Our Stake does a Prom for the Priests and Laurels. They have a nice catered dinner and then the dance. Bethany bought a beautiful dress a few months ago and really cute silver glitter shoes. The kids can go without a date so there is no pressure, but having a date makes it more exciting. Last week we heard that Zander Andreasen was going to ask Bethany.  We were excited for her to have that opportunity. It was fun to keep the secret from her until he actually asked. He came over on Tuesday while she was at work and left a surprise in her bedroom.  All day I kept waiting for her to go down to her room, but she just didn't go. About 3:30 (while I wasn't home to enjoy to surprise) she finally went down to her room.  She was excited to be asked to the Prom. Bethany loves chocolate so he picked the perfect way to ask.  She baked a Pizza and spelled out "yes" with the pepperoni.  It was a fun day!! 

Results of learning to walk outside

Lydia loves being outside

Lydia loves the nice spring weather. She wants to be outside all the time!! Even when the weather isn't so nice. Spring time in Wyoming comes and goes. Some days have been nice and some days have been pretty wintery.  She is getting to be a pretty good little walker, but the sidewalks outside still give her some challenges. The other day she feel three times on the sidewalk. She really didn't like it when the cat waved his tail in her face after she fell.  Her poor little nose was pretty scratched up from all those falls.