Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Musical Week for MaryAnne

MaryAnne has been playing the clarinet in the 6th grade band this year.  Mr. Fabella encouraged all the band students to participate in the Showalter Festival. They each chose a song to play as a solo for a couple of judges.  MaryAnne played a song called Melody and Neil accompanied her.  They did a great job. The judge told her that she had beautiful tone and was doing really well and couldn't even tell it was her first year playing. MaryAnne scored a 1.  MaryAnne wanted to get a 1, but not a 1+. The kids with 1+ had to play in a concert in the evening. I enjoyed listening to them practice together.

Here is the video of MaryAnne playing:

MaryAnne also had a band concert on Thursday evening.  The band sounded great.  It is amazing how much the band has learned during this school year.  Here are the videos of the 6th grade band:

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Lydia's sixth birthday

Lydia turned six on January 5th.  Somehow I missed posting about her birthday. Lydia's birthday was on a Thursday so we went to preschool.  She was so excited to bring treats to share with her friends at school.  Lydia really wanted to turn cupcakes into a dress for her birthday cake.  It was fun to do for her and it turned out pretty cute.  At first Lydia wanted chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, but she changed her mind because a brown dress could only be a work dress not  a princess dress.  She finally decided on Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting tinted purple.  We decorated with candy pearls and marshmallows.  

Licking the beaters was great fun.  It looks like Lydia has a serious injury.

 Lydia was so excited to get  a bike for her birthday.  She was also really happy to get a bag of Apple Jacks cereal.  She loves Apple Jacks and she doesn't think she gets them very often.

SIX months old!

Aaron is 6 months old! I don't know where the time has gone.  He has grown up so much.  It was lots harder to get his pictures with the 6 month sign because he kept trying to eat it.  Here are a few (ok, not a few, a lot) pictures:

Here are a few highlights from being 6 months:

Aaron has decided that Mom is the best person to hold him.  He cries when I leave the room.
He still doesn't like to sleep through the night.
He grabs plates and food off your plate.
He is pretty good at eating cereal.
He loves bathtime. By the way, a laundry basket works perfectly for a baby to sit in the tub.
He loves Matthew's basketball.
He really doesn't like to lay on his back, sitting is his favorite.
He does ok with tummy time, but doesn't love it.  He actually rolled over from his tummy to back the other day.
Older siblings are the best.  Aaron loves it when the kids take time to play with him.  He is definitely used to being the center of attention.  When someone comes home they always come looking for Aaron and they usually get a smile from him.

It must be February

As I sit here typing I am listening to a chorus of coughs.  It must be February.  On Wednesday Matthew and Emma started with a cough and not feeling very well.  Suddenly it hit me that it was the first day of February.  February is the month of sickness at our house.  Thankfully, having people sick provides lots of opportunities for us to also focus on love in February.  Wednesday evening was the Blue and Gold Banquet for Josh and Dallin.  Emma didn't feel well enough to go. When we got home she was running a fever.  I wasn't sure what I could give her that would work with her RA medications.  I called President Clark and he told me what  would be safe. She stayed home from school on Friday just not feeling well.  Matthew cancelled a get together with a friend yesterday to avoid spreading the plague.  Emma tried going to church today, but came home after Sacrament Meeting.  Matthew didn't go to church, but he did go in the afternoon to finish his mission interviews with Bishop Shoopman.  I think that Aaron hasn't felt very good a few days.  Dallin, Neil, and Josh all have coughs.  MaryAnne has a rash on her back that looks itchy.  Bring it on, February.  We will make it through this month and look forward to spring.