Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It must finally be spring

Well I hope that spring has finally come to Northern Wyoming. At least I hope it has come and will stay. The girls said it must be spring because I actually wore short sleeves today. They hadn't seen my elbows since October.

Joshua loves to be outside. He doesn't get to be out there as often as he would like to because I worry about him getting too cold. It was nice enough today that he went out and jumped on the trampoline. He loves that.

Fun memories from my childhood

Last night our activity for Family Home Evening brought back memories of rough housing on the floor with my dad. We used to see if dad could catch and hold all five of us. It was always lots of fun and I'm sure it was noisy. Great memories!! I am not sure that the children ever managed to stay uncaught for very long, I think some of us actually wanted to be caught and tickled by dad. Any way, as I watched Neil and the children play it brought back fond memories. I wasn't exactly sure what to title this post. I considered calling it "And I wonder why our couches are worn out". You'll understand after you watch. I do have a rule about couches only being for sitting on, but apparently that doesn't count while playing with dad.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Catching up

I am terribly behind in so many things. Keeping this blog just hasn't made the priority list around here lately. We have been doing fun things, I just haven't written about them.

Julia turned 14 on February 12. She is a sweet girl. She went to her first stake dance not too long after her birthday. She had fun. She doesn't like to have all the attention on her, but I had to include a few pictures of her birthday.

One Friday in March the Young Women in our ward had an all day P party to work on Personal Progress. There was a prize promised to whoever wore the most things that started with "P". Bethany and Julia decided they were going to win and they sure had fun thinking of "P" things. They had pirate hats, purple vests, pink and purple polka dotted fingernails, purple pumps, petite pumps, packs for their back, pink and purple plaid pajama pants, poodle purses, and pins. They had more, but that is all I can remember. Bethany won the prize, a pig pez candy dispenser. It was a fun day.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Deaver Reservoir for Spring Break Anyone?

We decided to take the children out to Deaver Reservoir. Neil and Matthew were camping there in January (that's another story, camping in January doesn't sound fun to me). They thought it was really cool to walk on the ice. We thought everyone might enjoy an outing so off we went. Dallin was so excited to fly a kite, and a frozen lake seemed like a great place to do it. (No trees or other obstacles to get in your way). Matthew and Neil had already learned that there is plenty of wind at Deaver. (Oh that is part of the other story, coming home at 4:00 am when the wind destroys your tents). It was too bad that Dallin slept through most of our winter picnic. He did wake up and get to fly the kite a little. Lydia slept until right before we were ready to leave. I was glad of that because it was too cold and smokey to have a little baby out there. We had a good time together. It is cool to look down through the holes in the ice and see the bottom of the lake. Matthew really wanted to ice fish, but had to settle for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire.