Sunday, January 29, 2017

More winter fun

The snow we have here has just stuck around and not melted much at all.  I don't think that snow has stayed this long in all the years we have lived here in Powell.  We had one day when it warmed up enough for the snow to stick together.  Lydia has been wanting to build a snowman ever since it snowed.  One afternoon I realized it was sunny and a little warm outside so it was a great time to build a snowman.  Matthew willingly went out and helped Lydia build a great snowman.  It was complete with a real carrot for a nose.  I loved watching Matthew play with Lydia.  He was patient with helping her get the snowman the way she wanted it.  When I watch Matthew play with the younger children it makes me smile.  I think he is going to miss the younger children a lot when he is away on his mission.   When I watch Matthew play with the younger children I understand why Rebecca always wanted an older brother.

Here are pictures of Matthew and Lydia's snowman experience:

When the kids came home from school Matthew and Lydia were just finishing their snowman.  Josh and Dallin decided they also wanted to build a snowman.  It had turned a little cooler and the snow didn't stick together quite as well as it had earlier.  They had fun trying though.  Here are pictures of Josh and Dallin's snowmen:

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