Sunday, January 1, 2017

Waite Family Pool Tournament

 I loved having a pool table as a teenager. I have loved watching our children play pool with my dad on his pool table.  It is something they have each enjoyed.  We decided in October that a pool table would be a good family gift for Christmas this year.  We decided there was really no way to make it be a surprise.  When the company said they could come and install our table on November 4th we just had Christmas in November.  We have had lots of pool games played already.  It gets used almost everyday (we have a rule about not playing on Sunday, but that might be the only day of the week it doesn't get used).  We had a Waite family tournament.  The final round ended up with Matthew playing Dallin for the championship.  Matthew beat Dallin in a best of five match up.  It was close.  The kids are getting to be pretty good pool players.

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