Sunday, January 22, 2017

Winter Wonderland Activties

We had a week of really cold temperatures.  I don't think it spent much time above zero.  We decided to do a few outdoor activities when it finally warmed up just a bit. Lydia had been asking all winter when they could go sledding around the loop.  It was probably still too cold, but the kids really wanted to go sledding. The kids love it when Neil pull them around the loop behind the car.  They look forward to it every winter. This year we even had enough snow to go up and down Henry Road. We ended up with a few neighbor children joining the fun. Everyone got plenty cold and came in to warm up with hot chocolate.  It was a fun afternoon.

 Neil took Emma, David, MaryAnne, Josh and Lydia ice skating.  They had a good time together.  It has been a cold winter. I am tired of this cold weather, but at least we have had snow for the kids to enjoy.  Kids do love winter!  Here are a few pictures of our adventures in the snow:

Josh and Lydia on the sleds

Dallin and Josh ready to ride

Neil is such a great sport about pulling the children around on the sleds

Adjusting the sleds 

David's turn


David was so fast that I only caught his feet speeding by

Waiting in the snow


One cold Lydia

Anxiously awaiting a turn

Adam and Linda Andreasen 

Josh trying to stay warm

Micah and Eden Andreasen

Who is that masked man? Dallin waiting for another turn

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