Sunday, February 5, 2017

It must be February

As I sit here typing I am listening to a chorus of coughs.  It must be February.  On Wednesday Matthew and Emma started with a cough and not feeling very well.  Suddenly it hit me that it was the first day of February.  February is the month of sickness at our house.  Thankfully, having people sick provides lots of opportunities for us to also focus on love in February.  Wednesday evening was the Blue and Gold Banquet for Josh and Dallin.  Emma didn't feel well enough to go. When we got home she was running a fever.  I wasn't sure what I could give her that would work with her RA medications.  I called President Clark and he told me what  would be safe. She stayed home from school on Friday just not feeling well.  Matthew cancelled a get together with a friend yesterday to avoid spreading the plague.  Emma tried going to church today, but came home after Sacrament Meeting.  Matthew didn't go to church, but he did go in the afternoon to finish his mission interviews with Bishop Shoopman.  I think that Aaron hasn't felt very good a few days.  Dallin, Neil, and Josh all have coughs.  MaryAnne has a rash on her back that looks itchy.  Bring it on, February.  We will make it through this month and look forward to spring.

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