Sunday, January 15, 2017

A busy week for Aaron

Aaron had a busy week of learning and growing.  He had several firsts this week.  He learned how to clap his hands, to sit by himself, and we feed him solid food for the first time.  It is really cute to watch him clap.  He does it quite often.  He went from not being able to sit to being able to just be sat down and staying up.  Pretty exciting!  On Friday evening Aaron was acting super interested in the food around him.  We decided to go ahead and make him some cereal to try.  He ate the same bite about 7 times, but he ate it.  He did about as well as our other children with the first time of eating. MaryAnne and Lydia were super excited to help feed him last night.  It is a sad day because now I am sure no bowl of ice cream will be safe while holding Aaron.  It was kind of nice to be able to hold him and not have to guard your plate.  I think those days are now gone.

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