Sunday, January 8, 2017


Joshua has been so excited to turn eight, get baptized and join cub scouts.  He turned eight on December 31 and it happened to be the last Saturday of the month and the day of the Stake baptism.  He got to be baptized on his birthday by his big brother, Matthew.  Joshua and Matthew got it right the first time and Joshua only had to be baptized once. The water was plenty deep for little Josh.  He was bobbing along on his toes keeping his head above water.  Grandpa and Grandma Sharp were able to come up for Joshua's baptism and it was great to have them here.  They left right after the baptism to drive back to Utah.

Neil confirmed Joshua after the baptism.  It was a beautiful blessing.  Joshua is excited to have the Holy Ghost with him to guide his decisions. We are grateful that Joshua is excited to be a member of the church and have the Holy Ghost.

 Ashlee Jacobsen, Leah Graham were also baptized.  They are in the same class at school so that was fun for them.

Ashlee, Josh and Leah

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