Sunday, May 3, 2015

Parkside Marathon 2015

All of the elementary schools here do a really cool program to help the children stay active and be healthy.  The children run laps around the school grounds throughout the year.  They have to run a certain number of laps to qualify to finish the marathon at a celebration at the end of the year.  MaryAnne and Dallin each qualified to run this year.  On Friday (May 1st) the school held their marathon celebration. Every student in MaryAnne and Dallin's classes qualified to run. I loved taking Joshua and Lydia to watch Dallin and MaryAnne run.  I planned ahead and took treats to keep them happy and occupied, but we left them in the car.  Joshua and Lydia did well without the treats and liked watching the runners. I always get emotional when I watch our children participate in activities. It was neat to watch them run! MaryAnne looked so happy every time she came around the track and Dallin looked determined to get it done fast.  It is a blessing to get to cheer our children on as they learn to run the marathon of life.

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