Sunday, May 31, 2015


Well we officially have another high school graduate, actually we have for a couple of weeks.  Julia graduated from Wyoming Connections Academy on May 16th.  Neil, Julia, Emma and I went to Casper for Julia's graduation.  It was fun to be there and support Julia.  She didn't want me to take too many pictures, actually I don't think she wanted me to take any pictures.  I did get a few pictures.  There were a couple of boys who graduated in Julia's class, but only the girls came for the ceremony. It was kind of funny to have only girls there. Julia did a great job in high school.  She had great teachers that loved her and helped.  She will always remember McCoy and be grateful for her influence.  We are proud of her and the fine young lady she has grown up to be.  We love you, Julia!

Photo opportunity before graduation

Julia and her favorite teacher, Ms. McCoy. Ms. McCoy taught all of Julia's English classes and really taught her to be a great writer.

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