Sunday, May 10, 2015

Home Improvement Project 2015

When we turned the garage into a family room and storage room about 5 years ago we gained lots of storage space.  The shelves in that storage room are really high and we didn't have a great system to get to the top shelves so I tried not to use them all the time.  I would have to get someone to climb to the top of the shelves and then hand them what I needed put up.  It didn't work perfectly.  We had a small step ladder, but it took up floor space and wasn't high enough.  I have always loved the library sliding ladders like in Beauty and the Beast so I started looking online to see what I could come up with.  I finally found an idea that I thought could work so I talked to Neil about it.  We bought some pipe and attached to the shelves at the top all around the room.  Neil built a ladder and put rollers on the bottom and hooks on the top.  I can move the ladder any where in the room.  It stores without taking up much space at all.  It is perfect and I love it!  Here are a few pictures so you can have an idea of how it works.

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