Sunday, May 17, 2015

A busy Preschool week

Joshua and Lydia were supposed to go on a field trip with their preschool last week.  The weather was miserable that day so it was rescheduled to this week.  We went to the George dairy farm on Tuesday (May 12th).  It was a new experience for all of us.  I don't think I had ever seen a cow milked before.  It was cool to watch.  Lydia held her nose the whole time we were in the milking barn.  Joshua didn't want to get too close to the cows.  He enjoyed watching though.  The kids had the opportunity to feed the baby calves a bottle.  I helped Lydia and she loved it.  Joshua was being independent and was looking at the baby cows by himself.  By the time I asked him if he liked feeding the baby cows he told me he hadn't gotten to and the bottles were all gone. I felt bad that he missed out on the experience and I didn't watch out for him better.  My friend, Heidi George, lives on the farm and she said he could come back another time and feed the babies a bottle.  It was fun to share this experience with Joshua and Lydia.

Thursday was the last day of preschool this year.  I have loved going to preschool with Joshua and Lydia.  It has been lots of fun.  Miss Holly had promised Lydia that they could have a pajama day at preschool so Thursday was a pajama party and graduation.  Miss Holly called each child across the outdoor stage and gave them a diploma and bubbles.  They made cute graduation treats and played outside.  It was an emotional day for Miss Holly because she is retiring this year.  She was amazing with the children. Joshua and Lydia sure loved her.  What a great preschool year!

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