Friday, June 27, 2014

What's happening at our house this afternoon...

This afternoon we have all kinds of playing going on.  There are 5 Waite children, 5 George children and 4 Andreasen children all playing together.  I think I am slightly outnumbered.  I do have Julia and Matthew here as back up should I need them.   All the children have been very good and enjoyed playing together.  I guess today our house qualifies as the Kool-Aid house of the block.  I always wanted to be the Kool-aid Mom and have the children hang out at our house.

 As I type this I am listening to the children play football together in the yard.  I loved playing football growing up and I love listening to the game going on.  Sometimes I join in, other times I just enjoy listening.  Before I know it, it will end up with someone hurt or upset, but I'll enjoy it while they are happy. 

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