Friday, June 13, 2014

Baseball season

We are right in the middle of baseball season.  We were going to let Joshua play t-ball, but as we talked about it we realized that Dallin has never gotten to play. It didn't seem fair to let Joshua play and skip Dallin.  I didn't want both of them to play because t-ball plays Monday and Wednesday and Coach pitch is Tuesday and Thursday.  It seemed like too much time away in the evening.  Dallin has done really well and enjoyed playing coach pitch.  He helped his team get a triple play.  He tagged a runner out at 2nd after the ball was caught and then he threw it back to first to get the runner out that had left for 2nd. It is hard to get a good picture of Dallin batting. It seems like every time I try he hits the first pitch, before I am ready.  It is fun to watch the kids learn and get better each week. He is on a really young team and they are all learning together.  I love this level where they don't even keep score and everyone cheers for each other.  Go Twins, and go Dallin! It has been fun to watch you play and cheer for you to do your best.
Dallin running home

Playing pitcher

At bat

A hit and off to 1st base

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