Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dad

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday.  My parents are in Scotland setting a good example for each of us by serving the Lord as missionaries.  My dad has always set a good example for me.  I am so glad that he's my dad! I know I was stubborn and hard to deal with sometimes as a teenager, I wasn't always grateful then for the rules my dad set. I am grateful now.  I love you, dad!  I hope you had  a wonderful day in Scotland!  When I told Lydia it was grandpa's birthday she was determined we should bake him an orange colored cake with green frosting.  She thought he could come and eat it with us or we could take it to him.  It was really cute when she said that baking the cake would give Grandpa just enough time to come and he would get here as soon as it was done baking.  We ate orange colored cake last night and sang "Happy Birthday".  I already had pink frosting in the fridge so Lydia didn't get green frosting.  Maybe next year.  I love you, Dad and hope you had a good birthday and enjoy being older than the dirt.  Love, Sarah

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