Friday, June 13, 2014

Closet remodel

Last year for my birthday I told Neil I wanted him to build a window seat in the dining room.  I have loved having the window seat that he built for me.  I decided that projects around the house make perfect birthday gifts.  This year I told him I wanted to remodel our bedroom closet.  I started looking at closets online to figure out the best way to use our space.  He's a good sport so he went along with my ideas and helped make them happen.  We have a walk in clostet, but it usually looked crowded and needed cleaned.  We took out the shelves along the back wall and put them up in the hall closet.  We put them closer together so they are the perfect size to hold the totes with the kids pictures and scrapbook things.  We moved the closet rod up in the closet and made enough room to put a second bar on one wall.  We found a pant rack on amazon that we bought to put under the closet rod on the other wall.  We used it for a pattern and Neil built three more racks (two for our closet and one for Emma's room).  We are still working out the hangers on the racks, but they are working really well.  We put up some shelves back on the wall that we took the shelves off, but we put them closer together so they can hold shoes.  We also bought a couple of  closet rods/shelves at Lowe's that go around the corner so we could use that space efficiently. Sorry I don't have any before pictures, but here are the construction and after pictures. I love the extra space for clothes and I love how the closet looks organized and clean now.  Hooray for improvements! and Hooray for my wonderful husband that makes the projects I want to do priorities and realities!! Thanks so much!!

Neil and Dallin working hard. I hope that shelf doesn't fall on them.

Making sure it is all straight and level. Dallin loves helping his dad.

Everything is down and ready to be remodeled.

Our new and improved use of space

I love the corner rods

The hall closet that now has the boxes that used to be in our closet and all my sewing things.

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