Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Look who is super cute in her new glasses

A few months ago Emma noticed that Lydia's eyes went cross eyed sometimes.  I didn't really worry about it too much at the time.  In July right before we were moving to Virginia I started to notice that it was happening quite frequently.  When everyone came to our house for the reunion people kept noticing and asking me what was up with Lydia's eyes.  She would cover one eye quite frequently when she was watching a movie or doing other things.  I asked her why she covered her eye and she told me it was because she saw two of everything.  She said it didn't hurt, she just had to figure out which one was the real one.  We decided we better get her eyes checked.  When we got here to Virginia I called an eye doctor in Lexington.  They wouldn't see a pediatric patient and recommended a doctor in Charlottesville.  Charlottesville is about an hour away.  I don't like to drive very far by myself so I put it off for awhile.  I finally called a different eye doctor in Lexington and they were very happy to see her.  We went and saw Dr. Hudson last week.  I really liked him. He was so good with Lydia and kept her completely comfortable.  He talked to her and asked her all kinds of questions to keep her interested in the exam.  He told us that she definitely has a weak eye.  Both of her eyes stray off at different times.  Her right eye was really bad at seeing up close.  He got her some lenses and now she can see 20/20.  She loved picking out her frames. She picked out ones with diamond sparkles on the side.  She looks so cute and she loves it.  I think I have washed her glasses at  least ten times a day since she got them because she wants them to be perfectly clean.  She is wearing a pink eye patch over her left eye a couple of hours a day to strengthen the right eye. I hope she keeps thinking it is great and cute to wear glasses.  I am glad we finally got her to the eye doctor and it will get straightened out.  It was obvious that we needed to take her to the eye doctor when a little girl in Dallin's class asked me what was wrong with Lydia's eyes.  After we went to Dr. Hudson's office we ran to Walmart.  A man came up to me and told me I should take her to an eye doctor because he could tell something was wrong with her eyes and his little girl had the same problem.  I told him I had just come from the eye doctor and we were getting her some help.  I think it is interesting how even complete strangers were concerned about her and noticed something was up.

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