Monday, October 5, 2015

It's raining, it's least it's supposed to be

Well we were supposed to experience our first storm from hurricane Joaquin this weekend.  I hadn't really worried about it too much before Friday.  Bethany worked at Walmart on Thursday.  She told me Friday morning that she sold lots of bottled water, flashlights and batteries.  People were getting ready to lose power and water.  I thought maybe I better do something to get ready. Five o'clock Friday morning we got a call from the school district saying school would get out two hours early to have students home before the storm really hit.  Activities and practices were cancelled for after school. We kept getting flash flood warnings through out the day.The kids were glad to get out of school early, and it wasn't even raining when they came home.  It was fun to watch all the colorful umbrellas and rainboots walking across campus throughout the day.  I understand the need for rainboots here. I almost bought a pair, but decided they wouldn't be needed much in Wyoming. It did start raining in the evening.Friday evening SVU was showing Inside Out at the Stoddard Center.  It is a short walk from our house so we went in the rain.  It was a fun way to spend the evening. After the movie Neil and I watched the BYU vs Connecticut game. We did get rain, but not nearly as much as was expected.  Thankfully we didn't lose power or water.  We were able to stay warm and dry and watch General Conference over the weekend.  These pictures don't really show how much it rained, but they give you an idea.

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