Friday, September 11, 2015

The final day of driving to Virginia

Sunday August 2, 2015
                Dad came and woke us up this morning a little before 8. We all got ready for church and had breakfast. Dad said that the continental breakfast was incapable of accommodating our whole family, so some of us ate cereal in the motel room. By a funny coincidence, Julia, Emma, and I all forgot to pack shoes to wear to church. Emma and Julia wore their flip-flops and I wore my sneakers. Luckily I wore a long grey and black skirt so they didn’t show much.   
                We drove about an hour before we went to church in Chilicothe, Ohio (which none of us were quite sure how to pronounce). After church we ate lunch in the parking lot and got on the road. We watched Liken the Scriptures: David and Goliath; the one Dad, Rebecca, Julia, and I were extras in. I showed everyone our names in the credits.
                We drove without stopping until dinner time. We stopped on the side of the road next to a river. The hillside on the other side of the road was completely overgrown with vines of some kind. We also watched a The Lives of the Prophets. We played the sound over the radio instead of the headphones so Mom and Dad could also listen. Once we left Ohio we went through West Virginia and finally into Virginia itself. 

                As we came down the hill into Buena Vista everyone got very excited. Most of the kids got pretty loud. If our van was in a cartoon, it would have been bouncing up and down on the road with the noise and excitement. We drove through town and found our house. It’s a cute house with five bedrooms. There are three bedrooms upstairs and two on the ground floor. It also has an unfinished basement with a laundry room and a ping-pong table.Mom calls the basement the dungeon.  It isn't her favorite part of the house.   There was a lot of excitement as the kids ran from room to room exploring the house. Our new neighbors probably wondered what in the world was going on.  After everyone was done exploring the house Mom and Dad assigned bedrooms and everyone started settling in. We unpacked some of our things from the van and the U-Haul. I think everyone is excited to be here and ready to have a break from traveling. We have arrived at our new house here in Buena Vista, Virginia.

A vine covered hillside

The first Civil War site we saw. These signs are everywhere to let you know the history of the area

Taking a break

This is the sign that welcomes you to Buena Vista.  I love it.  I hope we have added to the happy citizens and not the old grouches.

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