Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Birthday, Neil!

Neil turned 47 on the first of September.  It was a Tuesday and a normal busy school day.  Bethany, Julia, Joshua, Lydia and I decided to go get balloons and take to one of his classes when it was getting out.  It was a fun surprise.  We didn't put 47 candles on the cake, but we did put them in the shaped of  a 47.  Lydia really wanted to put Minnie Mouse on Neil's cake.  He is a good dad to little girls and he willingly let her put it on.  I hope it was a good day for Neil.  I wanted it to be special.

Neil is a wonderful husband and father.  I am so grateful for him and all he does to help our family click.  It was fun to celebrate Neil!  I love you!!!

In honor of Neil's 47 years here is a list of 47 things I love about Neil:
1. His great smile
2. His good example of reading his scriptures daily
3. His willingness to read to us
4. His desire to be a good husband
5. His eyes
6. His willingness to serve others
7. His willingness to come to Virginia when I wanted an adventure
8. He is a good dad and lets little girls put Minnie Mouse on his cake
9. Listening to him play the piano
10. The way he supports our kids in their activities
11. He gives good advice
12. He listens to me and cares about what I have to say
13. He is willing to go on adventures on his bike
14. He is really good at figuring out how to do projects
15. He is willing to work on projects that matter to me
16. He makes up the words to songs when he doesn't remember the words
17. He watches BYU games with me
18. He is forgiving
19. He goes out of his way to say good morning to each of us each morning
20. He is always grateful for dinner.
21. He isn't picky about what is for dinner
22. He takes Matthew out home teaching
23. He goes to football games with me
24. He makes sure we go to the temple every month
25. Date nights on Friday nights
26. He dishes the ice cream on Sunday night
27. He encourages me and sees the best in me
28. Going for walks and talking
29. He is good at helping the kids with their math
30. He makes up good games for FHE
31. He is willing to help around the house
32. He does things just because he knows they matter to me
33. He does all the driving and doesn't get frustrated when I fall asleep in the car
34. He buys me hamburgers just because he knows I like them
35. He works hard so I can stay home
36. He teaches our children to listen
37. He loves me
38. He tells me things about his day
39. He is honest
40. He is willing to come watch me clog
41. He helps me figure out computer problems
42. He is my best friend
43. He is grateful for the things I do for him
44. He makes me feel beautiful
45. He is the spiritual leader in our home
46. He makes it a priority to spend time together as a family
47. He is perfect for me

I love you! Hope your birthday was wonderful!

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