Saturday, September 26, 2015

First day of School in Buena Vista, Virginia

The kids started school earlier than we are used to here.  The first day of school was August 17th.  I think the schools in Powell started about a week later.  Matthew and Emma started the day at 6:40 with Seminary.  It is nice that Seminary is only about a 4 minute walk from our house.  David, MaryAnne and Dallin got ready for school while Matthew and Emma were gone.  At 7:40 when Matthew and Emma got home we headed out the door to get to each of the schools.  David walks a couple of blocks down the hill to Parry McCluer Middle School.  It is on the same street we live on.  The only hard part of the trip is the big hill coming home.  I took Matthew and Emma to Parry McCluer High School.  It is on top of another big hill.  We got them there on time and then headed to Enderly Heights to drop MaryAnne and Dallin off.  The elementary schools here are divided by grade not where you live.  Kindergarten through second grade go to Kling Elementary.  I am glad we don't have anyone going there because we would never get everyone to school on time after Seminary.  Enderly Heights is for third through fifth grade so MaryAnne and Dallin both go there.  Enderly doesn't have any indoor halls, all of the classrooms, office, library, and lunch room have doors that go directly outdoors.  I don't think it would work so well in the Wyoming winters, but it seems like a fun idea here.  I took pictures of Dallin in his classroom, but we were running late and MaryAnne didn't want me to come in and take pictures in her classroom.  One thing that is really neat here is the minute of silence every morning.  The children say the Pledge of Allegiance and then have a minute of silence to pray or mediate.  I think it is a great idea.

Here are pictures of the first day of school in Buena Vista, Virginia:

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