Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Traveling to Virginia Day Two (South Dakota to Chicago, Illinois)(Guest Bloggist, Bethany Waite)

Wednesday July 29, 2015
                We got up about 8 this morning. At 8:30 we went down to the hotel breakfast. Then we went upstairs and finished packing up. After we had all piled back into the van we got on our way. I had brought some brain teaser question cards. Julia, Emma, and I (along with anyone else who wanted to chip in) tried our best to answer them. Some were pretty easy, but some we didn’t even try. Too many numbers involved! One of the questions was about NASA sending birds into space and Emma was all offended because they sent a dog into space without planning to get it back.
                We also played Uno. Emma got it in a car trip package from her Young Women’s President. We put the cards on a pillow on Julia’s lap (she’s in the middle seat). The draw pile kept sliding though, so Julia held it and handed out cards when we needed them. We played 2 games and Emma won both.  While we were playing Matthew saw a hilarious billboard. It said “Memories Can Be Made Anywhere! Come to Colorado!” This can be misinterpreted two ways: 1) Memories can be made anywhere, so why bother going all the way to Colorado, or 2) Memories can anywhere, even in Colorado and we couldn’t think of anything better about Colorado.    
                We left South Dakota and entered Iowa. The younger kids watched Dora this morning. We started out with the same seating arrangements as yesterday, but during the movie Matthew and I switched places. We continued this way until we stopped for lunch. We had somehow got on some sort of smaller road that had no rest stops, so we just kept driving. Dad eventually stopped at a town close to the road so we could eat and stretch our legs. We ate at a park after driving around town for a while. We decided against a golf course, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and a school playground before finally stopping at the park. There was an old playground with the strangest merry-go-round I have ever seen.
                When we got back in, Matthew and I switched back so I was again in the middle row. We were listening to Fablehaven on and off throughout the day. Then we watched Patch’s London Adventure. We agreed that no matter how much you love dogs or that the dogs loved the puppies there is no way to actually take care of 99 puppies. It was impossible for them to notice when one went missing.
                Around dinner time we stopped to visit Aunt Janet and Uncle Paul. Janet in my grandma Karan’s sister. We stayed at their house on our Navoo trip. We had chicken salad sandwiches, cheese and crackers, grapes, and watermelon. We were there a little less than an hour. We had to walk about three blocks because their house is on a steep hill and a narrow street. We parked in a school parking lot and walked the rest of the way.
                   After dinner we drove some more. We were in Wisconsin for about an hour. Wisconsin has strange stop signs. There was a three way stop – but it was a normal intersection with cars coming from four directions. Several others were placed strangely: higher than normal, off to the side, and one had three signs for cars coming the same direction (one on each side and one high like a stop light).
                From Wisconsin we went into Illinois. We used two toll roads. Most of the kids had never been on a toll road before. We drove to Dad’s cousin Yolanda’s house near Chicago. Yolanda and her daughters are not actually here they are at girls’ camp. Yolanda’s husband and their son are here. We got here after 9. We had us ice cream. Dallin and I played Sorry! and then we went to bed. Lydia and I are sharing a room and there are about 8 decorative pillows on the bed. They take up so much room, when Lydia saw them she said it was for short people and asked where I was going to sleep.
MILES: 550

Keeping entertained while in the van all day

The most unusual merry go round

Lydia took this picture looking down from the top of the slide

There was an amazing War Memorial here

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