Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our trip in pictures

I promise a long (probably longer than anyone wants to read) post about our adventure in getting to Virginia.  I tried to get pictures of all the states welcome signs as we came in.  I didn't get them all, but here is our trip from Wyoming to Virginia in a few pictures.  It took us 6 days to go about 2600 miles.  We went through 10 states.  We saw 4 temples that I had never seen before (Chicago, Kirtland, Detroit, and Columbus).

The view to the back of the van from the front

We stopped in Iowas to see Neil's Aunt Janet and Uncle Paul.

I thought these county road signs were interesting. I'm not sure if they were in Iowa or Wisconsin.

We visited the Kirtland Temple.

I don't know what these vines are, but they are beautiful.  They cover the ground and climb up anything they can get on.  They are everywhere in Virginia.

This was the first Civil war site we saw along our drive.  I am so excited to see the history sites in this area.

We had to take this picture of the Caldwell exit for Joshua

We finally made it to Virginia

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