Saturday, August 22, 2015

Traveling to Virgina Day One (Guest Bloggist Bethany Waite)

Tuesday July 28, 2015
                Well let’s see, first of all Dad got us up shortly after 6 this morning. We did a few last minute packing and stuffing, ate breakfast and piled into the car. I have never been in such a crowded car! The walk-way and pretty much all the foot room were packed with stuff. My feet were on some folded blankets or towels or something. We had to get in and out in order. To get in: first the boys (Matthew, David, Dallin) climb over the middle row and into the back seat. Then Emma, Julia, and I get in the middle row. Then Dad/Mom put a couple crates in the doorway and Lydia, MaryAnne, and Joshua are in the front row. Getting out is the reverse.
            We decided to count off instead of doing roll call. But we am going to start with 2 instead of 1. Rebecca is our Silent One. Julia thought of it, and I like it.
            We drove till about lunchtime. We listened to Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star, but I fell asleep for part of it. We have a new TV in the car; it uses wireless headphones. We watched Tarzan. I saw a sign that said MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE. Every time we saw a motorcycle Julia, Emma, and I were like “Motorcycles are everywhere”. And we really did see a lot of motorcycles.
            We stopped at a rest stop for lunch. We made sandwiches with chicken and ham from a cooler. After lunch we drove more. We listened to more Fablehaven and also watched Big Hero 6. 
            For dinner we stopped at another rest stop for dinner, this time in South Dakota. There was a giant teepee frame that the kids enjoyed playing in. I had sour-cream cheese potatoes, everyone else also had corn dogs or ham or a sandwich.
            After dinner we drove some more. We watched Toy Story. I love that movie!! During the movie we crossed into a new time zone and lost an hour. We got to the hotel in Sioux Falls, South Dakota a little before 10. We have 2 rooms. Each room has two beds and a hideaway in the couch. Mom, Dad, and the boys are taking one room and Julia, Emma, MaryAnne, Lydia, and I are in the other. The hotel pool closes at 11, so we hurried and got ready and went for a swim. The cold water felt really good after being in a hot car all day. Julia and Emma enjoyed the hot tub, but I didn’t even get in it. I scrapped my knee when I slipped off the ladder in the pool. The middle step was unstable and turned when I stepped on it. Other than that we had a great time in the pool.
            We went back to our rooms and showered. We watched the end of A Cinderella Story before we went swimming, and funnily enough, the same movie was still playing when we got back. The channel had just started the movie over. So we watched that until almost the end. Now we are going to bed. I’m sharing a bed with Lydia, who is already asleep; MaryAnne is asleep on the couch.
MILES: 733

HOURS: 11   
We were pretty packed in 

Playing at a rest area in South Dakota

Emma posing at the South Dakota sign

Our only view of Mt. Rushmore this trip

The girls hanging out in their motel room

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