Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. We didn't grow many, actually any pumpkins this year so we didn't carve pumpkins. We did let the children carve pumpkins virtually. The children decided what they wanted to be, some sooner than others. I made Joshua's yellow pikachu pants the day before the preschool party. I made MaryAnne's pirate dress about half an hour before I had to go pick her up. Dallin decided the morning of Halloween to be Harry Potter. He and Adam had planned something else, but it fell through. Joshua found the Pikachu hat at Walmart in July and wanted it for his costume. Lydia wanted to be Elsa, but she didn't tell me until we were out trick or treating downtown. I guess she can be Elsa next year. It reminded me of when Rebecca was two and I made her a Snow White dress. When it was finished she said it was cute, but she really wanted to be Cinderella. I don't think she ever got to be Cinderella. At least this year I did let the children stay and go to the Carnival at the Church. They didn't get to stay as long as they wanted, but they did go. We also went out to Dallin's teacher's house. I thought of Martha as we ate pizza. It has been a tradition for a lot of years to eat Pizza on Halloween. We had nice weather for Halloween and I was glad about that. Here are some pictures of our Halloween activities.
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