Sunday, October 19, 2014

The end of an era

Joshua has seen Dr. Wiggins at least every 6 months since he was born.  For the first couple of years we saw him more like every other month.  I am so grateful for Dr. Wiggins and his peaceful and caring manner.  It has been an amazing experience to work with him and his staff. 

When I called in September to schedule Joshua's appointment in October I heard the words I have worried about since starting this heart journey.  "Dr. Wiggins is not coming to outreach clinics anymore, he is working towards retirement."  He has hired someone else to take over for him.  I decided to go to Billings to see Dr. Wiggins one last time instead of going to Cody and see Dr. Lashus.  Evee George was taking her daughter, Brinlee, up so I scheduled Joshua's appointment at the same time so we could go up together.  We enjoyed the day, it was fun to listen to Joshua and Brinlee in the back seat.  They had a great time talking together.

I love Dr. Wiggins nurse, Melissa, as much as I love Dr. Wiggins.  Melissa is also leaving in May. She has been going to school to be a nurse practitioner.  I have always thought that Melissa has an amazing ability with children.  She loves to talk to them and makes them feel so comfortable.  I have always thought if she wasn't a pediatric nurse she should be a children's photographer.  She is so good at getting them to smile.  I wanted to get a picture of Joshua with Melissa, but she avoids cameras.  I did get a picture of her on the floor with Joshua while he was picking out stickers for doing so well.

Joshua had a great report at this visit.  Six months ago Dr. Wiggins didn't like the rhythm of Joshua's heart so he had to wear a holter monitor for 24 hours to monitor his heart.  Everything looked good this time.  Joshua's oxygenation was better this time also.  He fenestration from his Fontan surgery is starting to close up on its own.  That helps him have more oxygen.

It has been a tender mercy to have a pediatric cardiologist so close and I am grateful that Dr. Lashus will be here now.

Melissa always calls Joshua sticker man when he has his EKG

Brinlee, Joshua and Dr. Wiggins

Melissa letting Joshua and Brinlee bring a bunch of stickers home

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