Monday, November 10, 2014

MaryAnne turned 10!

 MaryAnne turned 10 last week.  She wanted a strawberry cake shaped like a rabbit.  She also wanted coconut on her cake, but I didn't think coconut and strawberry sounded too great together so we also made a chocolate rabbit.  They turned out pretty cute.  It was a good thing they were easy cakes because it was a very busy day for me. I think she had a happy birthday.  I hope we made it a special day for a special girl.

MaryAnne had a party at the park on Saturday. I forgot my camera, again, so no pictures. It was a nice weather day which was such a blessing.  The kids had fun decorating cupcakes, doing a scavenger hunt, and playing games together.  MaryAnne was excited to have a party and invite her friends from school.  She has made a lot of friends at school and I am grateful for that. I think this is the first real birthday party she has had.

Happy Birthday, MaryAnne!

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