Monday, March 17, 2014

Our new kitchen, spring break adventures 2014

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I have wanted to put new countertops in our kitchen for a long time.  I bought a pull out faucet about five years ago in hopes that I would be able to update the countertops and have a sink out of the same material as the countertops sometime soon.  We priced the countertops I wanted last year and decided we had to keep saving our pennies before we could do the project.  Finally, a few months  ago we decided we had enough to do it.  I really wanted to do this project.  We talked with our friend, Scott Shoopman, who sells and installs countertops about coming to measure our kitchen.  Right before he was coming  I got thinking about our kitchen and the possibility of adding another drawer base by the dishwasher.  I talked with Neil and looked on for drawers.  I found some I liked and they weren't too expensive.  We bought them unfinished and Neil stained them to match our other cabinets.  Neil spent time during his spring break moving the original cabinets over 18 inches and putting in the new drawers.  He did an amazing job! We made the school room smaller and the kitchen bigger.  I am so grateful he was willing to spend his vacation working on a project I wanted to have done so much!  Thanks so much!  I love the space, the new countertops, and the new sink.  I think it looks perfect!

Some of our other spring break adventures included cleaning up the basement from flooding (twice).  On Monday we thought Joshua had used the hose and left it running resulting in a flooded storage room and a little in Emma's room and the playroom.  We pulled up carpet and cleaned up.  A couple of days later Neil used the hose to wash the car and van.  When Julia went downstairs she discovered water again.  I think she was bad luck because she discovered the flood both times. Actually, maybe she was good luck so we could find it quickly and it wasn't too bad.  We have decided that the outside faucet broke in the really cold weather we have had the last couple of months and was causing the flooding.  Neil took the faucet handle off so no one will forget and turn it on resulting in another flood. Neil was a great sport and did an amazing job cleaning up the floods.  Not what he planned on doing during his vacation.  I know this is at least the second year we have cleaned up floods over spring break. I think we will just have to put all use of hose off limits during spring break.

Tonight it looks and feels like winter is here again. It is snowing and the wind is blowing. I really hope spring is right around the corner. I guess I will enjoy time baking in the kitchen while winter rages on outside.

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