Sunday, March 9, 2014

A little late, but a sweet 17 year old!

On February 12th Julia turned 17!  What  a sweet teenager she is.  She is easy going and great to help out with anything I ask her to do.  She really is a great young lady. 

We had  a busy day on her birthday.  I took all the children to Lovell for a field trip to go bowling.  Julia really didn't want to go, but she was  a good sport and came along.  The bowling and pizza were both good, free is always good.

In the evening on Julia's birthday we had a stake auxiliary training in Cody.  We had to work dinner, presents and cake in before leaving Julia to babysit.  She wanted Minestrone soup and french bread so it was an easy meal to fix before hand.  We made a simple cake, but her favorite frosting on it and decorated it with green frosting.

I love doing things for Julia because she is always so grateful.  She is so good at helping me, and visiting with me. I love having her home.  Happy Birthday (a little late) to our favorite elf, Julia!  We love you!

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