Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winter Camping Wyoming Style

February 21 and 22  the weather forecast was snow and down right cold, I think about 15 degrees for the low.  Our scout troop had a overnight campout planned and they invited the eleven year old scouts to come along for the fun.  Neil, Matthew and David packed up their warm clothes and sleeping bags and headed out for the winter fun.  It snowed about 3 inches Friday night and Saturday morning.  Matthew said that it was the first time he had snow land on his head and not melt.  By the time they went to bed he had about 3 inches on top of his head.  I'm glad to say they planned well and didn't get too cold at night.  I was glad when they came back safe and sound.  By the way, you can click on each picture and see them up close.  Hope you enjoy the boys experience.

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Meanwhile back at the homestead the rest of us had an enjoyable evening and sleep in our soft, warm beds.  Bethany came over for the evening. We made pizza and watched Pride and Prejudice.  When the movie got over we watched a little of the Olympics.  We had a good time together and hoped the boys were all staying warm enough.

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