Sunday, March 9, 2014

What happens when an 11 year old boy tangles with an apple tree

One of our great family traditions is that Neil pulls the children behind the car on the sleds around our loop when there is enough snow.  The children love it and ask every time there is snow for Dad to take them sledding.  There is only enough snow once or twice a year.   This year the children only got to go once and it ended in a tangle.  We have a little apple tree right by the loop.  David and MaryAnne were riding and somehow they swung out wider than usual.  David ended up tangled up with the apple tree.  David was pretty scratched up and I am not sure who got the better end of the tangle.  The tree lost a few branches.  We had fun coming up with a story could tell his friends at school.  He told his friends that he got tangled up with the apple tree, but some of them still thought he had been attacked by a bear.  Oh the stories kids can come up with. He looked kind of bad, but it really didn't hurt too bad. He was  a good sport about the experience.

Hope you enjoy the sledding videos and the pictures.

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