Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th Cardiology visit

We left Powell yesterday afternoon and drove as far as Scott and Molly's house in Montpelier  Idaho.  We enjoyed the evening catching up with them. Emma was so excited to stay with Sadie. We decided to let Emma and MaryAnne stay with Molly and Scott. We are grateful they are willing to let them stay. Karan will bring them home later this week and stay a day or two. We are also grateful the children will have Grandma there for a visit. We spent the night at Molly and Scott's then got up early this morning to make it to Primary Children's for a 9:30 am appointment.  It was a beautiful drive.  We made it just in time to do chest xrays, an EKG and an echo.  We visited with Doctor Menon. He said Joshua looks good and he is happy with his heart function.  He is concerned about Joshua's size, he isn't a very big boy.  If he is too small they can't put as big of a tube in as they want to, but he doesn't think it will really be an issue.  Joshua is wearing a holter monitor tonight. It will watch his heart beat for 24 hours and make sure he isn't having any rhythm issues. If I can get pictures uploaded I'll put a picture of him with his holter monitor on.

We were blessed to get into the Ronald McDonald house. It will be such a blessing while we are here. It is close to the hospital, and it has a well stocked kitchen that is free to be used.  Tonight we had to find our own dinner, but the rest of the week there are groups signed up to fix meals for the families staying here. What a blessing this will be for us.

Joshua has to be at Primary Children's at 6:00 tomorrow morning. He can't eat or drink after midnight.  He will be in the cath lab tomorrow and it is possible he will spend the night, depending on how his recovery goes.

Tonight we are all tired and ready for a relaxing evening.  Thanks for your prayers.

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