Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cath Lab today

Joshua is in the cath lab this morning.  I think he is getting tired of the whole hospital thing, or maybe he is just tired. I would be tired all the time if I only had 77% oxygen in my blood.  He was fussy and clingy this morning. He refused to let us put hospital pajamas on him.  We finally got the top and socks on, but he is still wearing his striped pajama pants. If that brings him comfort,  I'll let him wear them.  He had a hard time going into the cath lab.  I walked in with him and held his hand while he fell asleep.  It was emotionally difficult even though it only less than a minute for him to fall asleep.

The cath will involve going in either his neck or under his collar bone to see his artery to his lung and another through his leg.  They will get a good picture of his heart.  If their are any collateral blood vessels off his heart they will coil them off. If any of the veins are too small they will use a balloon to expand them. If he has to have the expanding he will have to stay overnight tonight.  I'll post when we get to visit with the doctor. 

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