Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Wizard of Oz

The schools here have a great drama program. Their spring production was The Wizard of Oz.  David was involved in it at school and he told Joshua and Lydia that they were looking for younger children to be Munchkins.  Joshua and Lydia were excited to be involved.  They practiced in March and April and performed April 28-30th.  David ended up being Uncle Henry, an Ozian and a Winkie.  Joshua was a Munchkin and an Ozian.  Lydia was a Munchkin, and a Poppy.  I didn't get a picture of her as a poppy.  Joshua and Lydia really loved being in the play.

The kids did a great job!  It was fun to watch them.  Joshua and Lydia listened to the cd so many times that they could do every song by heart.  Lydia would turn it up so loud that she looked like she was lip syncing because you couldn't here her.  This was the last production Mrs. Hogan was involved with before she retires.  She went all out on this production.  The sets were amazing.  The costumes were rented and looked really good.  It was great to watch the kids and be able to support them.  Great job, David, Joshua and Lydia!!

David as Uncle Henry

The Munchkins

The Ozians (David and Joshua taking care of the Tin Man in Oz)

The Winkies (David is the third one from the left)

Cute Munchkins

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